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Faz Poursohi


Chef Faz Poursohi's success as a restaurateur is based on his love of food and cooking that he acquired growing up in Tehran. His family took culinary matters seriously and their table was always laid with freshly baked breads, fruits and vegetables from the family farm. In 2016, Chef Poursohi opened Faz Bakery and Coffee Bar. The beautiful state-of-the-art bakery, serves the most delectable desserts made by a group of highly experienced bakers and the finest Italian espresso and coffee drinks by Illy. Our Persian cookies are an experience worth dropping in for and having a new addiction to look forward to. 

Zara Alipoursohi

Pastry Chef

I was born and raised in Tehran, Iran. Growing up with a mom who cooked every day and a dad who was a chef taught me the love and passion for food. To me, the kitchen is the heart and soul of a home. It is the place where you feel warm and comfortable, where the lovely aromas of soups, freshly baked bread, flaky pie crusts and fresh cakes permeate the rest of the house. As a kid, I remember flipping through my mom's vintage baking and cooking books, helping her to cook and attempting to recreate the recipes.
After I got my bachelor’s degree in mathematics, I decided to pursue my passion. I believe making food is not just about mixing ingredients, cooking, and eating. It is about adding love as the magic to the ingredients and making the food fantastic. 
I have received fourteen international certificates in baking and cooking from one of the top culinary schools in my country, and I have been recognized as the youngest golden chef in 2016 in my country. I love to help people create new recipes with simple ingredients, and my goal is to inspire creativity in people who like to cook or bake.